bodywork + sound bath

The combination of gentle bodywork and sound is medicine for your higher self. Bodywork is used at the beginning of the session to gently open the meridians so you can receive the healing vibrations of quartz crystal singing bowls. It is used again after the sound bath to integrate the work into every realm of your being.

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photo by Valerie Noell of the Eternal Child

photo by Valerie Noell of the Eternal Child

quantum shiatsu + sound bath

Touch activates the oldest and most primal sensory system in the human body. Our need to touch and be touched is essential for our survival. Experiencing trauma in any way often results in the loss of protection, safety and embodiment that comes from respectful and compassionate touch. In these sessions, I channel resonant vibrational energy to areas of the body that tend to store trauma, most notably the head and neck, abdomen, spine, sacrum and feet.

These sessions begin with a brief intake followed by some gentle bodywork to open and express your light meridians. Then you can just lay and receive the deep and primal healing vibrations of crystal singing bowls. Bodywork is used again after the sound bath so your light body can integrate the work into your entire being.

Feel free to bring any crystals, jewelry or altar objects that you would like to charge with this light vibrational energy

‘you are a sea of light.

open your eyes. see yourself.’

- Nayyirah waheed