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Introduction to sound healing with crystal singing bowls:

a brief discussion of elixir fields and the harmonic universe 

Join me for this three-hour introductory workshop on sound healing with quartz crystal singing bowls. We will explore the idea of the body as a perfect harmonic and how to utilize the three elixir fields (three dan tians) during sound healing sessions. We will navigate the power of vibration and light vibrational energy and discuss the chakra system in the realm of sound healing. We will practice playing the singing bowls and discuss resonance, oscillation and playing multiple bowls at the same time. This workshop is designed for those who want to explore the magic of sound healing as well as those who are interested in implementing singing bowls into their practice. The workshop will end with a private sound bath for all attendees. Tea and treats will be served and all attendees will receive a ritual sound healing kit to take home.

Please bring a journal, something to write with, a blanket and anything you would like to charge and cleanse with sound and light vibrational energy on our collective altar. I will have some pillows and blankets available. Looking forward to working with you and exploring the magic of sound healing with quartz crystal singing bowls ✨

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Where: Northeast Portland

Exchange: $200 ($50 deposit); students: $100 ($50 deposit)

Past Events


WINTER: A Seasonal workshop + farm meal series

Where: Looking-Glass Home & Farm; Forest Grove, Oregon (45 minutes outside of Portland)

When: January 26th

This workshop will explore living in accordance with the winter months through nature, sound and functional movement to help you acknowledge your body’s need to slow down and return inward. Click on the button below to register and reserve your space now.

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Welcome to the second workshop in the Seasonal Living Series, hosted by Soul Equine + The Eternal Child at Looking-Glass House & Farm in Forest Grove, Or.

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