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The fundamental philosophy of sound as medicine is rooted in the presence and transmission of electromagnetic energy. Everything in the universe vibrates. The vibrations from quartz crystal singing bowls work on our subtle bodies so healing can occur across multiple dimensions and affect change in every aspect of our being. On the physical plane, these vibrations activate our parasympathetic nervous system (our rest, digest, restore response) which can aid in the reduction of stress, the promotion of tissue regeneration and recovery from illness.


This kind of bodywork is performed on and off the physical body. Rooted in both Zen Shiatsu and Quantum Shiatsu traditions, light spirit bodywork is an extremely gentle incarnation of shiatsu that is used to tap into the etheric field so you can release any old or outdated thought patterns, belief systems, habits and mindsets that no longer serve your highest and most authentic self. These sessions will help you feel fully embodied, grounded and wholly you.


The combination of gentle bodywork and a sound bath is medicine for your higher self. Bodywork is used at the beginning of the session to gently open the meridians so you can receive the healing vibrations of quartz crystal singing bowls. It is used again after the sound bath to integrate the work into every realm of your being.

elixir field wellness is medicine for your LIGHT spirit BODY

elixir field wellness is the amalgomation of Chinese medicine philosophy, bodywork and sound healing to work with your body's unique resonance

this work is rooted in the idea that the universe is a great conduit of energy - an all-pervading, infinite life force

we are cosmic reflections of this universal energy - as above, so below - what is outside of ourselves is actually a reflection of what is inside of us all, extending beyond our earthly existence

there is a vast universe within our bodies that connects us to the All That Is - our life force energy

when we tap into this vastness, we begin to awaken our divine human potential

we are beings of light living in a multi-dimensional reality having a human experience

we have access to the eternal, the All That Is, the cosmic consciousness - our eternal life force

~ it is resonant vibrational energy  ~

this energy is made by us, for us, and is available to us whenever we need it 

what is an elixir field?

an elixir field is an energy center within our bodies that connects us to the All That Is - the universal life force energy

the energy from the core of en elixir field extends in all directions, radiating like the brilliant light from the sun or the heartfelt glow of a full moon

our personal elixir fields extend far beyond the boundaries of our bodies - they are similar to chakras or source points where the body’s most fundamental, pure, crystallized energy can be accessed at any time

an elixir field is much like a portal or a gateway where the light of an individual and the cosmic consciousness interact and manifest

when we begin to tap into these energy centers, the possibilities for healing become limitless

an elixir field is a portal into your spirit - a place where inner alchemy can occur - where spirit and light are transformed into your most fundamental, pure and radiant potential

your body is a cosmic garden - you are the moon, the sun and all of the stars - you are the flowers, the trees, the mountains and oceans - you are made of light

a mantra for the light spirit body -

‘you are it…

you are love

you are light

you are absolute divine perfection’

join me in this amazing revolution to return to yourself, to feel at home in your body, to love yourself fully and revel in your divine miraculousness

photo by Valerie Noell @theeternalchild

photo by Valerie Noell @theeternalchild